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Hannah Shores is a New York-based makeup artist specializing in character design. 

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Hannah discovered cartoons, and anime at a very young age, and fell in love with characters, and storytelling. She spent her younger years drawing original characters for her own enjoyment but, as she grew up she felt a raw passion, and drive to create characters she could put her whole heart into that people would love. With her growth as a person, her interest in true crime, and the horror genre also blossomed from reading about serial killers, and watching crime tv shows. The negative aspects of her life were forgotten even if just for a moment when reading, writing, and drawing. Though she found makeup earlier in life, and was intrigued by special fx, she wasn’t sure how to start trying it and left it in the back of her mind. 

With graduation swiftly approaching, Hannah was so unsure of what she wanted to do. Bouncing back, and forth on so many things before deciding to take a part-time, semester-long MUD Beauty Essentials makeup course at Avenue Five Cosmetology School in Austin. It sparked her interest and made her realize that she could make characters come to life in film, television, and print. From that point on she set her eyes on MUD in New York, and traveled across the US to study there. It was during this intensive training that she designed makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots with a range of characters.




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